The Importance Of Exfoliation.

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

Weekly exfoliation does wonders for the skin, it improves the overall texture and look of the skin at the surface. It's going to help deep clean the pores and get any of the unwanted dirt and sebum out and give you an overall improved skin tone, reducing the appearance of blackheads. We all know that with clean pores, comes less acne! We're going to get technical and science-y on ya here so bear with us, acne is defined as "an inflammatory skin disorder of the sebaceous glands." the sebaceous glands are your oil glands, and their function is to protect the surface of the skin, inflammation of the sebaceous glands results from retained oil secretions, cells, and excessive bacteria, clogged pores, make it difficult for the skin to properly secrete these oils, that's why we cleanse the skin and also why we should be exfoliating weekly, and or using the a fine exfoliating powder that is gentle enough for daily use.

Deep cleansing of the skin is essential for the overall appearance, and health of the skin, cleansing daily, exfoliating weekly (or a fine cleanser daily), and masks twice a month are going to drastically change your skin alone, serums and creams are nice to have but the best start to healthy looking skin and healthy skin overall starts with a proper cleaning routine.

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